Mr. Tanaka was born in Setagaya, Tokyo in 1947 and at attended Musashino Art University, majoring in Oil Painting. He educated himself in silkscreen after learning wood-block printmaking and stone lithography, while making repeated visits to Europe and the United States. His silkscreen show Matsuri (Festival ) included thirty eight pieces at a solo exhibition in Tokyo. Masaaki had shown a series of new work on the cover page of The Shukan Shincho Weekly Magazine, one of JapanŐs most famous weekly magazines, for ten years.
In the United States, Mr. Tanaka has exhibited his prints in such cities as New York, Boston, Los Angels, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas, Fort Worth, Hawaii. The most recent exhibition held in Plano, Texas, attracted more than two thousand two hundred peoples in a four-week period. His work is found in the collection of the Art Institute of Chicago, Honolulu Museum of Art, Albrecht Fine Art Museum, Japan Foundation, and others. The Japanese government presented a print by Mr. Tanaka to President Reagan when he visited Japan. Mr. Tanaka is excited about showing his prints to the American public because he loves the United States. His plans are to do prints of many varied American scenes in the future. This would be a real challenge.

1947 "Born the eldest son of a Western-style painter Akio Tanaka his wife Toshiko in Setagaya, Tokyo."
1969 His education was interrupted due to student political turmoil at the time./"Around this time he discovered copper-plate print making (through meeting Denji Noma, an "/Ichiyokai Print Division Committee member).
1970 Held a solo exhibition of copper plate prints for the first time in his career (Cabutoya Gallery in Ginza)/"Exhibited at the CWAJ print Show, the Group Exhibition and the Shutai Art Exhibition."
1971 "Graduated from Musashino Art College, Oil Painting Department."/"Stayed with the College, in Print Research, as an assistant instructor for the next two years."/Learned wood-block print making from the late Sho Kidokoro and stone lithography from Shohachi Shimizu./Also started to teach himself silk screen during this year./Exhibited at the CWAJ Print Show, the Japan Print Association Exhibited and the Shutai Art Exhibition "
1972 "Exhibited at the CWAJ Print Show, the Japan Print Association Exhibition, the Shutai Art Exhibition and the Print Grand Prix Exhibition."/"Started to produce prints in his ""Matsuri (Festival)"" theme."
1973 Visited Europe./Exhibited at the Japan Print Association Exhibition and the Shutai Art Exhibition.
1974 "Showed a silk screen ""Festival"" series consisting of 38 pieces at a solo exhibition at Shinjuku Isetan Department Store."
1976 "Exhibited at the""Exhibition of the 120 Most Promising Artists of Today""(Tokyo Central Art Museum)."
1977 "Held solo exhibitions (The Saint Anne Gallery in France, The Galerie Jutta Vondran in Germany)"
1978 "Held solo exhibitions (The Saint Anne Gallery in France, The galerie Jutta Vondran in Germany, Shibuya Tokyu Department Store) Exhibited at the Japan Print Association Exhibition."
1979 "Held solo exhibitions (Isetan Department Store in Shizuoka, Shibuya Tokyu Department Store, The Gallery EAS in the USA)"/Exhibited at the CWAJ Print Show./Visited USA. The Art Institute of Chicago purchased his works.
1980 "Went to Europe and held solo exhibitions at The Shinno Gallery in the USA, the Lyon Bank and the Galerie Regis Langroys in Franc, and Shibuya Tokyu Department Store."
1981 Invited to exhibit at the Exhibition of Contemporary Asian Art./"Held solo exhibitions (Kapalua Bay Hotel and Occidental Life Center Gallery in the USA, Ginza Gallery Ishiyama, Shibuya Tokyu Department Store)."
1982 Visited the USA and Europe./Albrecht Fine art Museum in the USA purchased his work./"Held solo exhibitions (Galerie Regis Langroys in France, Siemens Company in Germany, Shibuya Tokyu Department Store)."
1983 Exhibited at the Contemporary Japanese Art Exhibition./Started a touring exhibition through various museums in Poland.
1984 Held a solo homecoming exhibition (Kumamoto Tsuruya)./ Held a solo exhibition (Yoseido Gallery in Ginza)
1988 "Produced a mural for the new municipal administration building in Nozawa Onsen Village, Nagano Prefecture."/"Produced a mural for the new municipal administration building in Narita City, Chiba Prefecture."
1990 "Held solo exhibitions (Matsuya Department Store and Yoseido Gallery in Ginza, Osaka Daimaru Department Store, City Art Museum)."/Art Event participated in Yokohama BAY'90 (City Art Museum)
1991 "Produced a mural for the new municipal administration building in Towacho, Fukuoka Prefecture."/"Scheduled to held the 10-year Commemorative Exhibition for his works on cover pages of The Shukan Shincho Weekly Magazine throughout Japan , starting from Nihobashi Mitsukoshi."
1992 "Held solo exhibitions (Oarai Art Museum, Tsuru-shi Art Center)."
1993 Held solo exhibitions (Nozawa Onsen Village).
1994 "Dedicated ""Pure Darkness""(The 61th Shikinensengu, Gouach on paper) to Jingu chokokan Museum."/"Held solo exhibitions (Nozawa Onsen Village, Tsuru-shi Art Center)"
1995 "Held solo exhibitions (Togen Museum, Nozawa Onsen Village)."
1996 Held solo exhibitions (Seattle Four Seasons Hotel)
1997 "Start to go round exhibition in U.S.A. (Texas, Arizona, California, South Dakota, Oklahoma)"

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