Masaaki Tanaka has been engaged in festivals of Japan for 27 years.At the presant time, he is working not only on the pieces of festivals and landscapes of Japan but also on the pieces of landscapes of the U.S.A. He is very active as one of the representative artists in Japan.We organized our fan club 6 years ago in order that you will be able to know and to see more of the { Picturesque World of Masaaki Tanaka }.We are inviting your applications through internet this time.
* Once a year, in autumn, we distribute an original silkscreen work to you.( image size about 5.5 inches x 7.5 inches )
A festival of Japan A landscape of Japan A Landscape of the U.S.A.
each of them per share
* We will notice you our distribution of the pieces and if anyone of you who wants to buy them, you can get them on your special membership prices.
* We will send you an original silkscreen work every year. ( a new year greeting card )
* We publish our bulletin about twice a year and give you various informations on all such occasions.
* Our fiscal year begins in April, so if there will be no application at present, your request will start in April,2001.
* When resigning, you only have to make contact with us and let us know about it.
* Please apply us with the quantity. ( for example: A...1 piece, A and B a piece each etc )
* There will be no limit in quantity you order or you will be free to change your choices after you have ordered.
* Membership fees will be $60 each. ( either A,B or C )
* Contact ( E-mail,Tel,Fax or letters )We will inform you the details for the payment.
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